MARKT 二子玉川

Sometimes you come across a great restaurant in the strangest of ways.  I was searching restaurants in my neighborhood of Futako Tamagawa that participate in JAL’s 2X mileage program, and there I found MARKT.  If you use your JAL credit card here, you get double the frequent flier miles.  After checking the page’s website, it looked good, close, and affordable.  We had to check it out and I am really glad we did.

MARKT is about a five minute walk from the station, located on the spacious 1st floor of a stand-alone building.  The interior is bright, open, and rustic.  Think bread plates made out of finished tree bark, deer antler wall decor, Jack Johnson and Norah Jones background music.  Casual, comfortable, and attentive service.

Where MARKT really shines, though, is the food.  In terms of both taste and presentation, the food is skillfully cooked and artful in preparation.  We were impressed with every dish, and at 5300 yen for the full course, you get a big bang for your buck (or yen).  All the ingredients are organic, sourced in Japan, and selected based on what is currently in season.  Wine is 600-800 yen per glass and champagne at 1050 yen.  No more expensive than your average bar.

There were only a couple small issues with over-seasoning, but at this price and with this much food, they could be easily forgiven.  For the most part, the meal was entirely delicious and we will definitely visit again.  The course changes every month as the freshest ingredients hit their seasonal peak.

Let’s eat MARKT!


Parmesan “chiffon cake.”  What looks like dessert is a cheesy, savory, fluffy way to start the meal.


Sweet potato soup with a smoked milk foam.


Homemade bread with a carrot puree spread.


Niji masu (rainbow trout) served with a dill and cream cheese sauce and na no hana (rapeseed) sauce.  Brussel sprouts, orange, and carrot garnishes.


Probably my favorite dish- soft and delicious potato gnocchi with maitake, brown mushrooms, crispy cheese, and egg.


Matodai (John dory) fish with an asari clam dashi sauce that was so savory and delicious.  Garnished with a turnip sauce and yamaudo (mountain asparagus).


Pork from Yamagata prefecture with black olive sauce, black cabbage, pickled mini onions.  Another amazing dish to finish the savory courses.


Dessert was a work of art.  Strawberry gelato, herb sorbet (which started melting by the time we could take a picture), strawberries, meringue, beet sauce, and fromage blanc.  A lot of tastes and textures going on, but it all worked.


Homemade “nama” (raw) caramel served with our coffee and herb tea.  The caramel melts in your mouth for a very sweet finish to an all around beautiful meal.