Icaro in Naka-Meguro イカロ、中目黒

As an early birthday dinner for me, we decided to visit an Italian restaurant that’s been on my radar a while.  Icaro has one Michelin star and is conveniently located a short five minute walk from Naka-Meguro station.  It is on the 4th floor of a fairly nondescript building more apt to contain chainstore izakaya than fine dining.  Still, upon entering, the restaurant feels like an Italian trattoria adorned with wine bottles, posters with Italian writing, Ducatti paraphernalia, and freeform jazz playing at a volume that encourages jovial conversation.

While Icaro does offer a course menu, the server actually recommended we choose from the a la carte options to ensure we get something we actually want to eat.  He said the dishes are sized to share and recommended 4 to 5 items between the two of us.  All the choices sounded delicious, and we vacillated quite a bit.  Luckily, our server was kind enough to guid us through the more popular options on the menu.  In the end, we opted for two starters, two pastas, one meat dish, and dessert to share.

Besides the food, there is an extensive list of Italian wines to choose from, and everything is priced quite reasonably.  Bottles average 6-7000 yen, while food runs from 2000 yen to about 5800 yen.  All the food pictured below, a bottle of delicious red wine, two glasses of spumante, herb tea, and a generous pouring of grappa with dessert was exactly 30,000 yen.  Not bad at all.

The whole meal was delicious and I’d love to go back to Icaro to try some of their other options.  Fortunately, going back should be easy as it’s on my way back from work, it’s a very casual and open atmosphere, and it is simple to get a reservation through Open Table.   That said, reservations are highly recommended, as I did see one couple get turned away when we dined here on Friday night.

Let’s eat Icaro!


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